Cold Calling Tips
Cold-Calling Tips and Tricks

Cold calling and doing business over the phone is becoming a more significant part of a salesperson’s job every year. Cold Calling is a very effective tool when used professionally. 

Here are a few tips and tricks to make cold-calling work for you: 

State the Purpose of Your Call 

When you first connect with a prospect, introduce yourself and state a purpose for the call right away. This is a very important part of the call as you need to say something that both grabs the prospect’s attention and tells why they should stop what they are doing to talk with you.

The value statement in your introduction tells your prospect what is in it for them and why they should stop what they are doing to talk with you. 

Check Availability 

When cold calling, you are calling someone unexpectedly and your call is technically uninvited so you need to be completely respectful of the prospect’s time. Check to make sure the prospect is available before proceeding with your call. 

Manage the Call 

Once you connect with a prospect, it is up to you to manage the flow and direction of the call. One of the more important things to keep in mind is the length of the call. A cold call should only last between 2 to 5 minutes. If you get into a good discussion on a cold call, slow down the conversation and reposition the discussion for another day in the form of an appointment or meeting. 

When done right cold-calling can win you new customers. Take the time to develop your message and skills to present powerfully!