Top VoIP Providers


VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, has been in the communications industry for some time, but it’s still one of the most misinterpreted technologies out there. Which is a shame due to the fact that companies, particularly small and mid-sized ones, can actually benefit from the cost reduction it can provide.

The issue is that there’s a big question mark about the technology. And if you don’t comprehend it, it’s difficult to imagine how it can assist you.

With a lot of conflicting info about voip on the internet, it’s not easy to get a grasp of what VoIP technology can really do (and what it can’t do).

In fact, “VoIP technology” has ended up being a Phrase that is mixed up with other pieces of technology like cloud PBX and SIP. All though they are definitely related to VoIP, they are not the same thing. 

What is VoIP?

pronounced “voyp”– is a new technology that will improve the method we interact. VoIP is essentially voice transferred over a digital network. The web, however, isn’t strictly needed for VoIP. What is essential for VoIP technology is making use of the exact same protocols that the web utilizes. (A procedure is a set of guidelines used to permit organized communication.) Thus, voice over Internet protocol suggests voice that travels through the same techniques utilized on the Internet.

VoIP is frequently referred to as IP telephone systems (IPT) since it uses Internet protocols to enhance voice communications. The Web protocols are the basis of IP networking, which supports corporate, personal, public, cable, and even cordless networks. VoIP unifies an organization’s many places– consisting of mobile employees– into a single converged communications network and provides an exceptional variety of telephone support services and features.

Top VoIP Providers for Business

1. RingCentral  

Ring Central VoIP Providers

It is one of the top VoIP providers for anyone. They have cloud-based services and offer many plans to the users. They have more than 300K users all around the world. In the standard program, clients will get up to 19 users in just $25 a month.  

2. Nextiva  

Nextiva VoIP Providers

This is another great VoIP provider with outstanding services. More than 100K people use their service in various parts of the world. They provide unlimited calling in the US and Canada for just $20-30 a month. They also have a mobile app, call recording option, HD voice, and auto attendant.  

3. 8×8

8x8 VoIP Providers

This is also a cloud-based service provider with thousands of clients that consider it the best VoIP provider. Users can get different options and plan according to their needs. This service also has its app, which offers integration features. Other top features include web conferencing, call recording, internet fax, instant messaging, and online call management.  

4. Vonage Business Solutions

Vonage Business Solutions

Here we have another fantastic VoIP service provider that offers three plans to the users. They are a bit expensive as they charge $40 a month, but their service is exceptional. They have more than 2 million worldwide users.  

5. Mitel

Mitel VoIP Providers

Mitel is an excellent service for phones as well as hosting. It has five plans which the users can choose from according to their needs and business demand. You will get unlimited calls in the US and Canada. Call recording and call transferring features are also included.  

6. GoToConnect

GoToConnect VoIP Provider

GoToConnect is formerly Jive. They offers enterprise-level services to the users. They have established themselves as a credible VoIP service provider in the market. Their app allows the users to have advanced analytics, call recording options, and conference bridge function. These features are beneficial.  

7. 3CX 

3CX VoIP Providers

This service provider is known for the best quality service. They make business communication easy for you. It is an excellent option for small business owners. You can add more phone lines as well. They also have their android and iOS apps which come with a bundle of features.  

8. Avaya

Avaya VoIP Providers

With this VoIP service provider, the users will get unique features and services. They have various plans according to the user’s needs. They also offer customized collaboration tools that make things simple and easy. They also have a personalized auto attendant, voicemail to mail feature, and ring group functions.  

9. VirtualPBX  

Virtual PBX VoIP Providers

This is another cloud-based service provider. They are known for their quality services and competitive pricing. Other features include call recording, mobile app, integrated conferencing, and system back-up option. These features truly make the life of the users simple and easy.  

10. Net2Phone  

Net2Phone VoIP Providers

Here we have the last service provider on our list. The best thing about this service is that it can be scaled up from 1 to 25 users. They have a superb reporting package. You can also integrate it with Microsoft Office, Google, and other options. Call recording, as well as file-sharing options, are also included.  

11. Ooma

Ooma VoIP Provider

This is the top-rated VoIP for both business and home. It’s phone and communication solutions are customizable for all business size. This year is mainly shifting to at-home work, Ooma provides services that are easy to use and can grow your business.

12. Grasshopper

Grasshopper VoIP Provider

This is also owned by LogMeIn. Whether you’re big or small, this VoIP offers affordable options for your business. It can operate from multiple locations. It has unlimited extension plan for only $80 a month. It allows you to customize your forwarding call to any of your phone extension.

13. Freshcaller

Freshcaller VoIP Provider

If your customer service team is looking for the most suitable customer processing system, this VoIP is for them. It is a great way to record customer conversation and can be set up multiple lines for them to answer multiple queries simultaneously. It has numerous support-specific features to deliver excellent customer support.