Top 10 Photo Editing Apps For Businesses In 2021

1. Pixlr

pixlr photo editor

This is one of the best photo editing apps for every business these days. It comes with a bundle of amazing features. The app offers thousands of effects, filters, and overlays. These features make it easy for anyone to edit the photos and make them look awesome. 

2. Fotor

fotor photo editor

It is another amazing app that provides a good number of features for business marketers. The app is equally perfect for newbies as well as experienced people. Features are awesome and hundreds of filters and themes are given. With this app, you can master the art of photo editing. Click here for a free online photo editor, collage maker, and designer.

3. Mextures

mextures photo editor

This is a perfect option for the marketers. It allows them to play with the advanced features. In order to produce unique, professional and perfect photos, there can be no better option than this app. It is all free and users will love the interface which is quite simple.  

4. Apptly 

apptly photo editor

Apptly is a wonderful app which allows the users to edit photos in the best possible ways. The best thing about this app is that it lets you edit larger photos in a professional way. A number of other amazing features are also given in the app. 

5. Camera MX

camera mx photo editor

This is the first app in our list which comes with manipulation features for the photo editors. It also makes use of artificial intelligence allowing users to take their photo editing to the advanced levels. Creating photos with great effects is really easy and simple with this app. 

6. Photoshop

adobe photoshop phot editor

Businesses need an app that allows them to edit photos in any possible way. Moreover, business photo editing is a bit different than personal image editing. And this app is what we call the best professional photo editor for businesses. It has all the tools and features required for editing business images.  

7. Photo Wonder

photo wonder photo editor

The best and the most amazing thing about this app is its interface. Another great thing is the list of features which make it quite easy for anyone to create professional photos. The interface is really simple and lets anyone get used to the app. Moreover, the filters and themes are given in huge number. 

8. Instagram

instagram app photo editor

We all know that Instagram is a wonderful image sharing platform. It is not just about sharing photos but the app provides innovative image editing tools, features and options. You can create stunning photos with this app for your business.  


vsco app photo editor

This app is particularly for the pro users. A good number of wonderful features have been added in the app. With this app, anyone can improve their photo editing skills as well as edit their photos in professional ways. 

10. Live Collage

live collage photo editor

As the name shows, this app is for creating collages of your multiple photos. Along with this, the app offers a wide range of features in order to let users edit their photos. More than 5000 layouts, themes and filters are available for the users.