Best CRM Software For Small Business In 2021

Best CRM Software 2021

HubSpot CRM

best crm software hubspot

First things first. This CRM is absolutely free and caters the needs of every user. It comes with a simple to use interface and lets you put everything you need in one place. There are no restrictions, and the tool is very efficient and considered the best CRM by many. You can communicate with the customers in an easy way. Truly this seems to be a perfect CRM system for any business.

Salesforce CRM

best crm software salesforce

With this CRM tool, any business can track as well as bring improvement in their productivity and increase the revenues from customers. It manages the leads with great ease, offers enhanced productivity, provides useful insights, is flexible and also has an efficient cloud system. 


freshworks crm freshsales

Freshworks is formerly Freshsales. This top business CRM software has been designed to let you capture more leads. It comes with a good number of features like lead management, effective analytics and reporting, email and event tracking, sales management and outstanding customer support. 


best crm software pipdrive

If you want to focus on your important deals, this tool is the best for you as it provides excellent sales overview. In terms of feature the top ones include, effective but simple sales management, easy scheduling, well-organized lead process, everything is customizable, top notch reporting and mobile optimization.  

Zoho CRM 

best crm software zoho

This CRM system helps companies attract, retain and satisfy their customers. It has a very simple and top-notch interface making it the best CRM tool ever. The users will get features such as automated sales operations, pipeline management, available on mobile, customizable for navigation and great performance. 


creatio crm bpm'online

Creatio is formerly bpm’online. This software comes with a complete list of features and tools which are helpful for the small businesses as well as large enterprises. Among the top features include integrated suite for CRM, social and vibrant interface, collaboration tools, powerful analytics and seamless user experience across all devices.  


best crm software infoflo

InfoFlo is an amazing tool when it comes to managing customer relationships. This software has an intuitive interface which is rare to find anywhere else. It offers military grade encryption, powerful integration, social media friendly features, powerful dashboard, back-up capability and many other features. 


best crm software lucrativ

In order to manage sales, streamline workflows and nurture valuable customer relationships- this software is considered the best. A number of features have been added like strong email integration, built-in templates, data analytics, customization tools and power dialer feature.  


best crm software vcita

This CRM system is all-in-one as it offers a wide range of useful features. It is effective for schedule and calendar management, client portal management, billing and invoicing and lead generation. Integrated CRM solution, client portal module, payment centralization, marketing capabilities and robust lead capturing are the top features. 

Zengine by Wizehive  

zengine by wizehive

This software has been designed to facilitate all businesses and simplify their task management. It is a great solution when it comes to customer relationship management, awards and accreditation management and other tasks. Users will get features like automated solutions, power integration, maximum flexibility and simple interface.  


Best CRM Software Apptivo

This CRM software stands out from the pack. It is versatile for businesses of all sizes and the perfect software for workflow automation. It comes from lead capture to sales tracking. Apptivo is all customizable and has automation tools for your data entry and other tasks. Everything you need in one cloud solution: CRM, Project Management, Invoicing & more.


Best CRM Software Keap

This software is your one-stop shop for your marketing and sales tools. It has features to help small businesses to organize their data entry. It is the most user-friendly CRM, and has quick and easy assessment. Keap offers email marketing and has email marketing templates; to help your business grow and increase more sales.


Best CRM Software Insightly

This is the CRM that’s good for analytics and insights. It offers detailed analytics and business report service. You can easily share your data across sales, project management, and marketing. It also has email tracking and has the best dashboard that’s customizable.


Nimble CRM Software

This CRM software is good for your customer prospecting. It’s easier for your data entry and tracking. In just one click you can track the linked accounts to a specific contact. It helps you grow your lead generation in the simplest way. This is best for businesses to build relationships everywhere they engage.


Nutshell CRM Software

If you want to sell smarter and close more deals, you should check this software. This CRM software is made for your sales team, it’s easy to use that makes them extra productive. It offers multiple sales pipeline to optimize your data and report. It has features that are customizable to match how/who you sell to.